Monday, July 17, 2006

Chapter 4-6

I love how chapter 6 states, “all roads now point to a Web where little is done in isolation and all things are collaborative and social in nature” (89 Richardson). I think this statement contradicts what many people think about computers. Of course as we have discussed in this class we should all realize that technology opens up the doors for people to speak with anyone at anytime.

As for how I will utilize the social web in my classroom- I think it’s a great idea to introduce my students to concepts such as RSS. To think of the many contacts the students could make is quite amazing! Of course this should be done with older students as I don’t want my students to come across things that I would hope they wouldn’t see on the internet! I love the del.icio.us as this helps share links in a very easy process! I can’t wait to add to my del.icio.us list and to introduce this to others!!


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